The team fight to save suspended nurse Lauren’s life after her mysterious plunge into a lake resulted in her rupturing her spleen. As the medics rally around to keep her alive, fingers begin to point in shady colleague Faye Morton’s direction. Faye, spotted rowing with Lauren minutes before she was discovered in the icy lake, had clear motive to try and kill Lauren – she was responsible for her son Archie’s death. Even husband Joseph is unsure of Faye’s innocence and he refuses to provide her with an alibi in order her to keep her from arrest.

Just when it looks like Faye is about to be charged with attempted murder, Lauren makes a surprise recovery and reveals that it wasn’t Faye who pushed her – she jumped into the lake in a suicide bid. The two rivals finally make peace and decide to move on from the tragic events of 2008…

Meanwhile, when Ric threatens to bring a vote of no confidence against Vanessa, the hospital CEO realises she needs a scape goat for Lauren’s mistakes in Archie’s treatment. As her line manager, it’s Matron Judith who takes the blame and is told her contract will not be renewed at Holby City, much to boyfriend Mark Williams’ distress.

Elsewhere, Jac and Ollie attempt to hide their recent dalliance from returning nurse Daisha.