Bed-hopping nurse Faye Byrne makes a shocking discovery this week when she discovers that she is pregnant! The shock (if not entirely unsurprising) revelation comes after Faye endures a bout of sickness during a shift at work and, familiar with the feelings she’s experiencing takes a pregnancy test, which confirms that she’s expecting.

Over the past few months Faye has experienced the breakdown of her marriage to Joseph, followed by the rekindling of her relationship with Linden, so the big question is: who is the father?

Meanwhile, Jac continues to rebuild her relationship with estranged mother but gets a rude awakening when Paula goes missing. Tracking her down to an address in Bath, Jac comes face to face with the grandfather that Paula had told her had died years ago. In a further twist, Jac discovers that she’s also got a sister she never knew about. Realising the extent of her mother’s duplicity, Jac flees the scene and vows to go it alone from now on.

Elsewhere, Holly has some secrets to hide from Linden; a victim of a car crash faces losing her unborn baby.