Faye makes a big call on Mark

Natasha has to hide her lack of enthusiasm when Maisie and Nathan reveal that they’ve booked her and Mark a hotel break to give them some time together. Natasha tries to make excuses, but Maisie and Nathan refuse to take no for an answer. Natasha tells Mark in private she will go on the break as long as they have separate beds. Mark is interrupted by a frantic Faye, who calls to say she needs Mark to talk to Ryan because he’s decided to join the army.

Paddy and Aaron are regretful about their altercation the day before. Paddy is disappointed that Chas won’t consider marriage but he tells Marlon it’s for the best. Later, Aaron makes a genuine apology to Paddy and Paddy forgives him. Paddy is touched when Aaron gives him a birthday present, even though it’s only a keyring he won in an arcade, as he’s hopeful that he’s finally made a breakthrough with Aaron.

Gennie gets a date from an internet dating site and Jamie helps her write a reply accepting the date. Meanwhile, Brenda doesn’t know that Gennie has signed up for internet dating and she worries that Gennie is wasting her best years with a lack of love life.