Faye introduces herself to the villagers along with a reluctant Ryan. Mark is oblivious to the goings on, while Ryan warns his mother that the move to Emmerdale will only bring trouble. Mark is horrified when he discovers that Faye has moved into Tennant’s, but he can’t find a chance to speak to Faye with Doug helping her move in.

Zak, Sam and Shadrach steal a herd of sheep from Butler’s, thinking that the farm is empty. Shadrach tries to butcher a sheep for dinner, but it makes a break for freedom. Lisa demands to know what’s going on and insists the sheep are returned to their owners when she realises that they are stolen. But she backs down when Shadrach says they can disguise the sheep’s origins by changing their identification tags.

Nathan turns up at Butler’s to meet with John and he’s put out when John tells him he can’t supply the Home Farm shop as he already has existing commitments with major retailers. John discovers his sheep have been stolen and he takes Adam to investigate and Andy helps them search. John later offers Andy a few hours regular work on the farm and Andy agrees to think about it.

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