Natasha’s looking forward to 2010 with great joy after she sees that Faye’s cottage is up for rent and can’t resist bidding Faye farewell in her own special way. Natasha has no idea that Mark is inside the cottage, making plans with wife No 1, Faye, to ditch her. But does Mark really have the backbone or the desire to leave Natasha and his children?

Just like the dad he doesn’t know he has (Mark, to everyone who does know), Ryan is wracked with guilt and blowing hot and cold with his ‘other woman’, Maisie – who is, also unknown to him or her, his half-sister. He’s back to pretending he feels nothing for her and hides his desperation when Katie tells him they’ll be spending New Year’s Eve with Maisie. Who will he be kissing when the bells ring in 2010?

Zak had better buck up or he won’t be getting a New Year kiss from Lisa… She feels hurt and betrayed when she discovers he’s told the family about her nude modelling. Moira overhears them arguing in the pub and shames him into agreeing that Lisa should carry on with the modelling. But will she?

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