Faye says farewell to Emmerdale

Ginger whinger Faye’s got a smile on her face as she’s scored an out-of-court settlement from Nikhil and is going to take the money and run… right now. She doesn’t want any long, lingering farewells – which is just as well as no one wants to linger with her. Not even Ryan. Faye’s going overseas and suggests Ryan joins her, but he prefers his life in the village. So, giving Ryan her car and some money, Faye says goodbye. And more than one villager says ‘good riddance’.

Jackson’s saying ‘no’ again. No, he won’t be Josh’s godfather. Jackson hates all the extra planning needed just to get him to the event and decides he doesn’t want to go through with it. But his decision pushes Aaron over the edge. Desperate for Jackson to show an interest in living, Aaron picks him up and tells him he’ll carry him to the christening if he has to. Jackson’s furious and, shocked by his own behaviour, Aaron confesses that he and Hazel have seen Jackson’s video diary and they know Jackson wants to die.

Debbie knows Cain doesn’t want Cameron around and puts her dad in his place – which, she says, won’t be in her home if he doesn’t behave.

*Second episode*

So, Cameron’s getting his slippers next to Debbie’s in her bedroom and Cain is not a happy daddy. He’s taken an instant dislike to Cameron and makes no effort to hide it. When Cameron pulls up at the garage and asks Cain if he can buy him a pint Cain walks off. Driving away, Cameron knocks a wing mirror off Cain’s car. Er, that move won’t be found in any book about how to win over prospective in-laws. Cain’s furious, but Debbie makes it clear that she won’t let him run Cameron out of Emmerdale.

It looks like Adam’s getting his muddy boots under the table at Home Farm, but Ella’s not exactly thrilled about it. She thinks Declan’s only offered the lad a job to upset farmer John, but Declan insists he believes Adam could be useful to have around. Really? What for? Racing quad bikes?

Chas is getting her high-heeled boots behind the bar at The Woolpack after all. Diane finds herself in need of help and Chas steps in. Well, she’s done the job before, back in 2003, remember. But Carl isn’t thrilled to see her manning the pumps and as for Eve, well, she might want to wear something waterproof, just in case.