Faye shows Charity no charity

Faye had her chance with Jai, but she had more baggage than he wanted to carry (bigamous husband, son charged with murdering bigamous husband…) Still, she has her job at the factory and enjoys a special relationship with the Sharma brothers. So you can see how her pretty little nose would be put out of place when Jai takes Charity to a business meeting instead of her and then tells Faye that Charity was a huge success. Sulking like a teenager, Faye whines to Ryan about how Charity will do anything to impress Jai – and she makes sure Cain hears her. He’s furious – and so is Charity when she finds out.

Jackson’s filled with sadness over his relationship with Aaron. Jackson loves him, but he loves him so much that he can’t bear to have Aaron spend the rest of his life looking after him. Aaron, though, wants to stand by his man.

Brenda would love to have a man to stand by. She had Terry, until he ran into the fire to try to save Viv. Now Brenda’s having trouble facing her future and is reluctant to move back to Connelton View, where she lived with Terry. Gennie says she’ll stay with her, but this mother and daughter aren’t exactly bosom buddies.