Faye drives the Wyldes wild with anger when she says she’s contesting Mark’s will. Following Declan’s suggestion, Faye turned up at the will reading and hears that Natasha, Nathan, Maisie and Will are supposed to inherit most of his estate. She can’t have that! And neither can Declan so, together, they tell Natasha that they’re going to tie up Mark’s estate with so much red tape it’ll be years before lawyers untangle it. This is going to be a fight to relish!

Aaron and Jackson have stopped fighting, but Jackson’s declaration of love hasn’t been received well. Anyone would think he’d just told Aaron he wants to dress him in a tutu and stick him at the front of a gay pride parade. Trouble is, Aaron doesn’t want to be a teenager who’s loved when he’s still getting his head around being gay. Will Jackson’s love be the kiss of death for their relationship?

Chas didn’t come down with the recent fall of autumn leaves and can’t bring herself to believe Carl’s story about needing a ‘work phone’. If in doubt check him out, says Charity, and have a look at who he’s texting. Looks like Chas is about to get Carl’s number…

*Second episode*

As a prison virgin, Ryan really should be keeping his head down and making sure he doesn’t drop his soap in the shower. Instead, he’s playing risky frisky games with Officer Abi and his bunk buddy Curtis knows. He also knows Ryan has a phone and he wants it. Now, Curtis looks like the kind of bloke who could snap the prison bars if he wanted to, so Ryan should just give him the phone. But he doesn’t so Curtis makes him pay – with pain. Still, Abi’s there to kiss it better when Ryan’s lying in the prison’s hospital.

In Emmerdale, Faye is also living dangerously. Determined to expose Nathan as a murderer, Faye tells Natasha she has until the date of Ryan’s trial to get Nathan to confess – or else.

In The Woolpack, Charity decides to check out Carl’s ‘work phone’. She tips a drink over Carl’s jacket and takes it to the loos to clean it up (he should have been suspicious right there as Charity would normally tell him to clean it himself). Scrolling through Carl’s text messages, she sees that he is at it with another woman. What should she do? Tell Chas of course!

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