Pregnancy hasn’t mellowed Faye Byrne’s ability to plot and scheme, as her latest attempt to manipulate ex boyfriend Linden Cullen back into a relationship proves. Believing that if she can make Linden feel sorry for her, she can win back his love, she puts a twisted plan into action. The scheming ward sister fakes pains in her abdomen, and when she’s asked to provide a urine test, secretly plants a drop of her blood into the sample.

Faye’s plan works a treat when she’s admitted to the obstetrics ward overnight, and Linden rushes to her bedside out of guilt. Faye suggests once more to Linden that he tries to love her again, and much to her joy, the plan to lure him back into her arms seems to be working. Will Linden really fall into Faye’s trap?

Also this week, Oliver tries to regain Greg’s respect, but ends up having to be saved from humiliation by Frieda. And Sacha takes Jac out to dinner.