Joseph is desperate to tell Faye that Jac isn’t pregnant but even though she can see how distraught he is, Faye has to keep him at arms length and refuses to listen to him. She is prepared to be his work colleague, but not his lover. Faye confides in Linden, but has no idea he is hopelessly in love with her.

Jac accuses Faye of having another man wrapped around her finger already, but Faye thinks of Linden as a friend. When Linden gives her a big awkward hug, she is grateful for his support. She invites him to hers for pasta and wine, but all she can talk about is Joseph. Will Linden confess his true feelings for her?

Meanwhile, Julia, an old flame of Michael’s, turns up at Holby. When Michael makes it clear their affair is history, Julia tells Annalese all about Michael’s affairs at Charing Cross! Donna secretly threatens Julia and gets her to retract her accusation. Annalese believes her – until she spots Donna’s necklace, and recognises it as a gift from her husband!

Elliot is forced to bring his dog Samson to work when his sitter quits, but the cheeky pooch takes a chunk out of Connie’s pashmina. Elliot’s daughter Martha arrives with her new husband Ben – a big surprise to Elliot, who knew nothing about the marriage!