Having broken Paddy’s heart, Chas causes more upset when Aaron returns to the village and discovers he’s homeless. Paddy tells Aaron his mother is with Carl and he can’t stay with him any more. Aaron marches right round to Mill Cottage where Chas tries to explain that she never wanted to hurt her son. But Aaron is devastated and tells his mum that he wants no more to do with her.

Jamie is also in the mood for disowning a parent now that he knows about Bob’s one-night stand with Gennie. Bob pleads with his son to let him explain but an angry Jamie doesn’t want to listen. Terry suggests that father and son take their discussion indoors and Jamie wonders if they should invite Viv along to hear what they’re arguing about. Is Bob’s worst nightmare about to come true?

At the new sweet factory the workers have started their new jobs and Nikhil and Jai are not surprised to see that Priya appears to have the staff wrapped around her little finger. At the garage, though, Debbie isn’t having nearly as much success with Michael, who is getting phone calls from his other woman…

*Second episode*

Faye thinks it’s a good idea to use Cain to make Mark jealous. When Cain realises what she’s up to, he decides to give her a dose of her own medicine when he invites attractive blonde Ali for a drink. Ryan spots all the game-playing between the two and suggests that his mum gives up on Mark and gets serious about Cain. Will Faye decide the Dingle is the man that she wants?

Aaron has moved in with the Dingles, declaring he can never forgive Chas for messing up the comfortable life they had with Paddy. Chas, meanwhile, is devastated by her son’s behaviour and tells Carl that she’s not sure their relationship is worth losing her son. A desperate Carl tries to persuade Chas to put them first but Chas leaves, saying she needs time alone to think.

Meanwhile, Bob has tracked down Jamie and wants to know if he’s going to tell Viv all about his one-night stand with Gennie. Then Viv appears and wants to know what’s causing the tension between father and son but, as angry as he is, Jamie keeps quiet. Just how long will that sound of silence last, though?

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