Faye’s pregnancy takes a frightening twist when she’s admitted to the maternity ward, suffering from pains. Her day is not made any easier by the interference of the baby’s father Joseph, who gleans that Faye has now split from his nemesis Linden. His overbearing nosiness causes undue stress to Faye, which he later regrets when Faye finds herself waiting for news on the health of their baby.

As Faye is given the all-clear, Joseph urges Faye to have the test to see if their child has Lowes disease, which Faye’s late son Archie suffered from. When Faye agrees, Joseph promises he’ll stand by her and the baby, whatever the outcome. But will he keep the promise?

Elsewhere, Michael and Ric come to blows, but Ric delivers the biggest shock – he’s got cancer. Also, Penny has a crisis of confidence.