Faye is forced to make a shocking revelation to boyfriend Linden Cullen when he discovers that she’s pregnant. After the admission of a man suspected of suffering from mumps, Faye makes an obvious effort to avoid the patient – knowing it is dangerous for pregnant women to come into contact with the condition.

Her behaviour doesn’t go unnoticed and Linden excitedly asks her if she’s expecting a baby. The joy is short-lived however when she admits that yes, she’s pregnant – but the baby is Joseph’s!

Linden tells Faye he’ll stand by both her and her unborn baby, but only if she admits the truth to her estranged husband…

Meanwhile, hearts are a-flutter at the arrival of sexy irish registrar Greg Douglas. A former fling of Connie’s at a private hospital during her recent stint in London, the doctor wastes no time in getting his new colleagues’ backs up with his act-first, think-later way of operating.

Elsewhere, Jac’s bedside manner excels itself with a distressed patient; while pro football hopeful and cancer patient Ben is given hope for the future.