The death of Archie Byrne continues to have dramatic last effects on the lives of the staff at Holby City, when his mum, Nurse Faye, is charged with his murder. Her husband, Joseph reacts violently to the news, trashing Elliot’s office in a devastated rage.

Meanwhile, a glimmer of hope comes in the form of Thandie, who coerces nurse Lauren into making a confession – that she made a mistake labelling drugs on the night Archie died. With Faye facing a life behind bars for a crime she did not commit, Thandie forces Lauren to face up to her fears and explain the truth about Archie’s death. The police arrive to take Lauren in for questioning, and it looks like Faye’s nightmare might finally be over.

As the New Year approaches, an unlikely romantic encounter occurs when ice maiden surgeon Jac gives in to her attraction to junior upstart Ollie, and the pair get passionate in the locker room.

Meanwhile, Maria and Donna reflect on a rubbish 2009 and vow to end the year by pulling at the New Year party.

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