What you want when you’re being held on remand for a murder you didn’t commit is lots of people to visit you and tell you they’re on your side. Unfortunately for Ryan, Faye can’t manage that. Oh, she does the visiting bit, it’s the support that she’s lacking. Ryan’s pleased to see her until she tells him Will and Maisie think he’s a murderer. Then she sticks the boot in by asking him if they’re right. Ryan was sure at least his mum would believe in his innocence. Now he’s starting to think he’ll never get out of prison.

Leyla’s got her own family problems when her sister Alicia tells her to stay away from their mother’s funeral. What on earth has Leyla done to deserve that?! David says Leyla should go to the service. Easy for him to say when he doesn’t know the full story.

Marlon gets some of the story of Rhona’s drinks with Paddy from Pearl. She tells him Rhona and Paddy are hungover, leaving him to work out that his girlfriend got drunk with his mate after running out on their date. Feeling guilty – and so she should! – Rhona suggests they spend the night together.

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