Determined to win Faye round, Sally suggests a trip to the cinema. Faye’s not impressed, but Anna urges her to be polite. However, when Tim fails to show up Faye uses it as an excuse to get out of spending time with Sally.

Roy’s relieved to hear the antibiotics are fighting Hayley’s infection. Knowing they need to talk Hayley thanks Roy for not telling anyone about her intention to end her own life. Still vehemently opposed to her plans Roy vows to try and change her mind. But when Hayley insists that won’t happen the couple struggle once again to find a way forward.

Tina confronts Rob and tells him if Tracy ever pulls a stunt like that again she’ll come looking for her. Peter listens, impressed. Tina finds David living rough and offers him a bed for a few nights, but when Tommy finds out he is furious.

Also, Chesney’s gutted when his market stock is stolen from the lock-up.