Faye’s upset when Jason returns without Tim

When Jason arrives back on the street Faye’s gutted to see her dad isn’t with him. As Jason claims he’s had to stay on to work in Newcastle he passes on a message that Faye should stay with Anna for a few more days not realising what a blow this is to Faye.

It’s Leanne’s birthday and the present Nick ordered her hasn’t turned up. So when a big bunch of flowers arrives Leanne presumes they’re from Nick. Leanne’s touched, but Nick’s adamant he didn’t send them, so who did? As David jokes that Leanne has a mystery admirer Nick’s uncomfortable. Having found Peter’s lighter in the flat and a birthday card his imagination starts running riot. When Nick then threatens Peter, it looks like David’s plan is working.

Roy’s retreated into his shell and won’t discuss his sleepwalking. But Hayley tries desperately to get him to open up.

Also, Tommy worries that despite the brave face Tina’s putting on she’s struggling to cope with life without Jake; Emily and Norris are at loggerheads with Emily convinced Norris has only been looking after her so he can get his hands on her will.