In Paul’s absence, Liam covers at the factory and leaves a message for his brother on his mobile, telling him Carla knows all about the car crash.
Michelle tries to be flippant about her brother’s disappearance, commenting it’s not the first time he’s done it, but it’s clear the whole family are getting anxious.

Paul has been missing for 30 hours now and with no word, fears are growing for his safety.

Deirdre is alarmed by Tracy’s attitude to her impending murder trial. She fumes at her barrister’s approach and demands to know why they can’t just tell her exactly what to say so she can get off. Deirdre voices her fears to Ken, who suggests having a word with her.

When Vernon cancels their planned romantic meal, Liz jumps at the chance to spend the evening with Derek instead. But when Vernon returns to the pub without warning, Liz is jumpy at the tricky situation she’s found herself in.

Peter and Maria get close over a cut and blow-dry when he visits the salon and Leanne continues to splash the cash.