Fern warns Jasmine to keep quiet about the stabbing, or she’ll reveal her secret identity as Jason. Later, Fern shows up again and produces video footage of Jason and Bart at the scene of Bart’s stabbing. Annoyed that Jasmine is full of bravado, Fern angrily sends the video into Crimetrappers.

Brendan surprises Ste by leaning in for a kiss, before suddenly breaking it off, aware that someone is around. And Brendan is far from impressed when Amy reveals that she saw them kissing. When Ste returns from the cash and carry, Brendan hits him in the stomach and warns him to make sure Amy keeps her mouth shut.

Carmel delivers her decision to Theresa; she doesn’t have to go to the police, but baby Angel belongs to her now. Theresa has no choice but to hand over her baby. Theresa tells Jacqui that she’s going to be herself again and as far as she’s concerned, Angel is Carmel’s daughter.

Also; Bart struggles to come to terms with the revelation of Jasmine’s identity as Jason. Jem’s not happy to hear that Jasmine’s split from Bart; Jasmine owns up to Carl about the stolen money from the till and is surprised when he’s not angry; Jacqui’s horrified at both Bart and Carmel’s disloyalty and leaves.

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