Fern tries to cause trouble

It’s the Hollyoaks High School disco and Fern is out to cause trouble as Jasmine’s brother’s date. When Jasmine threatens to tell people Fern stabbed Bart Fern counters telling her she’ll reveal to everyone that Jasmine is really ‘Jason’. She shows Jasmine a CD with her confessing to being a boy recorded on it, and says she’ll play it in front of the whole school. But just as the CD is about to play Bart sets off a foam machine and in the commotion switches the CD.

Jacqui goes to find Bart outside the school disco and asks for her stolen money back so she can pay Kathleen. When he mocks her and asks why, she launches herself at him. Later, back at the McQueen’s Jacqui packs a bag for a confused Theresa when Kathleen walks in. Jacqui tells Theresa that Kathleen is bribing them all and doesn’t care about her, but Theresa is loyal to her lying mum and as they hug Kathleen indicates that time is running out for Jacqui.

Amber gets the wrong end of the stick when Rob tells her she pretty. She kisses him, but before he can pull away, a hidden Eva sees everything.

Also; Sinead and Taylor kiss in front of Arlo.

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