Fernando confides in Gilly, but in an effort to put him off proposing, Gilly inadvertently helps Fernando reach a decision. Cheryl, who is also having doubts over her own relationship, is sent into a spin when she spies Gilly holding a ring as he bends down on one knee.

Cheryl thinks Gilly is rehearsing a proposal and frantically runs to Steph for advice. Feeling slightly jealous, Steph returns home, where Fernando proposes. They head to The Dog to celebrate their engagement, Gilly’s gutted and takes Steph to one side telling her he loves her, but he’s drowned out by Cheryl on the mic. A giddy Cheryl announces that they too are engaged.

Zoe’s in hospital and Archie and Kris are horrified to discover that Charlotte knew Lydia killed Sarah. After believing Sarah committed suicide, a broken Mike now has to come to terms with the fact his daughter was murdered.

Also; DI Fletcher tells Lydia that the charges against her are murder and attempted murder, she seems disappointed that she didn’t kill Zoe. In her anger she admits that it was Zoe who should have died, not Sarah. As Lydia is charged she looks down at a picture of Sarah in her hand.

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