Fernando is Steph’s Prince Charming

Abi wants to forget all about her indiscretion with Ste, despite Ste’s insistence that he can’t just forget about it. Daniel confronts Abi about stopping drugging Ste and she breaks down and confesses that they also kissed. Daniel slips Ste some more caffeine tablets and Abi realises that Daniel won’t stop until he’s taken Lucas away from Ste forever.

Steph glams herself up for a date with Fernando, hoping that tonight will be ‘the night’. Steph breaks her dance shoe and Gilly bumps into her and tries to fix it for her but to no avail. Gilly gallantly buys some new shoes for Steph as a surprise and plans to tell her his feelings but he’s thwarted yet again when he discovers that Fernando has beaten him to it and bought a delighted Steph some new shoes.

Michaela is determined to convince Zak to cement his pledge of love to her and she tells him she wants to organise a commitment ceremony outside the Dog. A reluctant Zak turns up at the Dog and is mortified when Michaela performs her vows through the power of song, while a laughing Kris and Malachy look on!

Also, Malachy books the council hall for Kris and Zak’s new aerobics class as penance.

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