Fi is shaken when Josh confronts her, begging her to realise what kind of man their father really is. She confronts Willmott Brown after Josh’s accusations. After an unpleasant incident, a concerned Kathy steps in to help her. Resisting Kathy’s help, Fi says she’s fine, but she can’t get the worry about whether her dad really did rape Kathy out of her mind. She sits down with Kathy and asks to hear Kathy’s story. Will she finally believe the truth?

Robbie is stunned when Mr Lister informs him that the market will be closing. Donna steps in and she and Robbie convince Mr Lister to give the market a temporary reprieve. The pair tell the market traders that there are going to be mystery shoppers in the market to assess it. Donna and Robbie are chuffed that their intervention seems to have worked and they arrange drinks. Donna thinks it’s a date – but will she be left disappointed?

Also, Max’s past actions catch up with him and he’s left on dangerous ground.