Jamie Dornan’s kinky business tycoon Christian Grey is desperate to win back his lover, Dakota Johnson’s shy but feisty Anastasia Steele, in this boring sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey.

Grey is still a controlling misogynistic creep, which makes Ana’s interest in him all the more of a puzzle.

There’s no tension at all in their relationship and the bedroom antics are altogether tamer this time round (with director James Foley taking over from the edgier Sam Taylor-Johnson).

There’s a half-hearted effort to generate suspense by throwing in threats from other characters – Ana’s new boss, a submissive ex of Grey’s and his former ‘Mrs Robinson’, played by Kim Basinger.

Once again, Johnson is the one bright point in a dull film that is rife with duff dialogue, although some viewers may find the lavish wealth porn an escapist turn-on.