Having been kicked out of Butler’s Farm, Katie and Perdy confront Rosemary about forcing Andy to close down the stables. Shrewdly, Rosemary offers them the use of Home Farm for the business instead, in return for a cut of the profits. Perdy is furious at her mother-in-law’s meddling but Katie is tempted and they finally agree to the deal. Jo watches in delight as Katie packs her bags and makes a dig which results in another catfight. Jo is shaken by Katie’s warning that it’s only a matter of time before Andy leaves her, too.

Pollard gives David his hotel number in case he needs to contact him while he’s away and tells him to pass it on to Val. But David lies to Val that Pollard doesn’t want her to speak to him, leaving her crushed.

Also, Jonny and Paul go on their date and, though Paul ends up falling in a stream, they laugh about it and have a good time.