Fight!! Ross attacks Marlon

Donna is disowned by the Dingles as they rally around Marlon and they ban her from the homestead. Meanwhile, Donna is stunned to be told that Marlon has reported Shane’s blackmail to the police. Ross returns to the village and has to defend himself to Paddy when his cousin asks outright whether he murdered Shane.

Marlon confronts Ross and reveals that he made sure the police were aware that he was Shane’s killer. Ross is furious and smacks Marlon in the face. A vicious brawl ensues until the police arrive and arrest them both. At the police station Marlon is discharged, but Ross is advised to get himself a solicitor, as things aren’t looking good for him.

Ashley is curious as to why the Kings are proceeding with the funeral without Anna, but backs off when he sees how badly Jimmy is handling things. Jimmy can’t deal with arranging the funeral and tells Carl that he’ll have to manage things. Jimmy heads to The Woolpack to drink his problems away and rebuffs the villagers’ attempts to comfort him. Scarlett and Carl eventually drag him out of the pub and Jimmy bemoans the bad luck that has struck his broken family.

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