Fight! Ross is punched by a jealous husband

Ross gets punched by Jools' husband, who turns up at a party at the Woolpack and finds the lovers together

At the Woolpack, Ross’s fling Jools is throwing a party. But things soon spiral out of control as Debbie spies that some of the underage teen guests are plastered – and even more so when Jools’ husband Roger strides in… Finding his wife with Ross, Roger then lamps him! How will Debbie react to see her ex get injured?

Vanessa learns she’s being summoned as a witness in the rape trial and can’t bring herself to tell Rhona.

Chrissie glams up for a meeting with a client, who’s calling himself Simon, not realising that he’s actually called Tim and is her biological uncle!

The new Take-A-Vow brochure is ready for distribution featuring Leyla in a wedding dress, which prompts a conversation about love and marriage between Leyla and Priya.