Fight to the death?

Ariadne decides to hold the Coronation Games, where the best fighters from the surrounding kingdoms each elect a champion to fight and, of course, Jason is the chosen warrior for Atlantis.

When a dashing young prince arrives, seeking Ariadne’s hand, everyone is impressed by his bravery except Pythagoras.

The mathematician smells something fishy about the prince, but Hercules warns him to keep his suspicions to himself. “It’s not a triangle Pythagoras, it doesn’t have to add up,” he advises.

Ariadne knows that she cannot marry Jason and is tempted by a marriage proposal from the mysterious prince. But, she keeps the prince waiting. “It’s not an insignificant decision,” she says as the prince tries to rush her for an answer.

The final of the tournament is between Jason and the prince, with Ariadne and the whole of Atlantis watching. A fierce battle ensues and the prince tries underhand tactics to win, but Jason stops him and is crowned champion.

Jason now knows the prince is up to no good and says to Pythagoras, “You tried to warn me, why didn’t I listen?”

Meanwhile, at the palace Ariadne finally gives the prince her answer… she will marry him. It’s clear she’s unhappy with the prospect, but she says she’d be ‘honoured’ to accept his proposal.