*First episode*
In the first of two episodes tonight, Tracy feels deflated when an in control Charlie tells her to make herself scarce after he comes back from court as he’s having a girl round later. Tracy breaks down in front of a concerned Claire, who urges her to take control and do something about her situation with Charlie.

Claire is unaware that her words have rallied Tracy, who decides that she’s going to take on Charlie after all. Tracy ignores Charlie’s goading and turns on her charm to get close enough to strike…

Meanwhile, the Barlows’ concern for Tracy grows and Deirdre wants to go over and see her. Ken convinces Deirdre not to interfere until things have calmed down, little knowing what Tracy has just done.

Becky arrives late for her shift at Roy’s Rolls after spending the night with her date, Rob. Hayley and Roy are concerned about Becky’s willingness to sleep with anyone who pays her any attention.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*
Charlie is still alive after Tracy’s attack and tries to go for her, but he collapses to his knees. A triumphant Tracy tells him how much she hates him and she strikes another blow. Tracy stands over Charlie’s lifeless body, but snaps into action when Amy calls out and she sets about arranging the murder scene and adding a few cuts to make it look like self defence.

Ken, Deirdre and Claire are hammering on the door, but Tracy leaves them waiting while she phones the police. On the phone, the cold and calculating Tracy transforms herself in an hysterical crying woman, babbling about killing her boyfriend.

The Barlows rush to Tracy’s side as she sets out her story about how she was protecting herself. The police and paramedics arrive and Charlie is about to be pronounced dead – when they find a faint pulse! Tracy is horrified as she realises that she hasn’t killed him after all…

Also, Hayley tries to talk to Becky about her low self-esteem, but Becky is defiant.