Albert Brooks voices Marlin the clownfish, but life is no laughing matter because his only son Nemo has been caught by an Australian diver.

So, while little Nemo languishes in a dentist’s aquarium in Sydney, Marlin embarks on an epic quest to find him…

Setting a fabulous new standard in computer animation, this is a riot of colour, movement and shimmering aquatic detail.

Crucially though, Pixar’s film-makers haven’t neglected the art of story-telling, either, and Marlin’s journey is littered with hilarious characters, quips and complications.

Nigel the pelican (voiced by Geoffrey Rush) and Bruce the big-smiling shark (Barry Humphries) are two of the funniest creatures he meets. But they’ve got a huge amount of competition, mainly from Marlin’s daffy sidekick, forgetful Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), as well as dude-talking turtles, angry crabs and Nemo’s new pals in the fish tank.