Fingers point at Dean

Bianca thinks she’s seen her attacker at the beach. She and Liam search the area to but he’s nowhere to be seen. They go to the police station to report it. However, it soon becomes obvious that even with the new information, the offender will be difficult to find. Liam asks John to keep an eye out for the distinctive bull’s head tattoo.

John later sees a picture of Kelly’s family at the farm and spots that Dean has a tattoo of a bull’s head across his shoulder blades, just like Liam’s description! As Liam and Bianca make their way home from their frantic search they pass Dean in his car, and as Bianca realises who he is, a frightened Dean knocks Bianca down.

Dean keeps encouraging Kelly to sign over her share of the family farm. A suspicious Xavier suggests that John checks the contract. After phoning the council, Kelly realises that Dean is planning to sell Kelly’s land to a mining company. When Kelly refuses to sign it, Dean storms off in a rage, promising to return when she sees sense.

Alf cannot bear Marilyn and Roo ignoring each other any longer and comes up with a plan – a compulsory dinner that will force them to talk!