Finn and Robbie bully John Paul

It’s parent’s evening and John Paul has marked all Finn’s grades down from a C to an E. However, when John Paul shows the grade to Diane, Finn later threatens John Paul to change them back. Finn and Robbie decide to pay John Paul another lesson. They find him in the toilets and call him names, before Finn pushes his teacher in the urinal. Robbie is shocked by his friend’s actions and ushers Finn away.

Diane is shocked when Trevor introduces himself as her new business partner. Tony is forced to reveal the true extent of his dealings with Trevor, resulting in Diane not being able to trust him with the twins. When Trevor finds out the deli has been sold, he wonders what his next move should be.

Jason has a romantic surprise planned for Holly in the deserted deli. As the loved-up pair prepare for some alone time, it’s clear they may be putting themselves in unthinkable danger.