Finn and Robbie rob Price Slice

Finn is alarmed that his sister is the victim of their armed robbery, but it doesn’t stop him opening the safe, while Robbie waves the gun in her face. Callum watches on but panics when he sees Darren approaching the shop with baby Oscar. Inside, Robbie forces unsuspecting Darren up against the wall with a terrified Sinead. However, tragedy strikes when Callum tries to wrestle the gun from Robbie and gets shot. Robbie and Finn scarper and Robbie orders his accomplice to get rid of the gun.

At the hospital, Nancy questions what part Darren played, he’s embarrassed that he did nothing. Meanwhile, Ash and Martha are heartbroken when they see Callum in the ITU unit. They panic when an alarm goes off and the crash team rush to his aid!

Carmel is surprised by Jim’s generosity. After some advice from Darren, Jim pulls out all the stops but is left red-faced when Myra and Carmel walk in on him scantily dressed, surrounded by candles and rose petals.

Also, will Diane catch Tony red-handed?