Tell me the truth! Finn Barton confronts Emma

Finn Barton confronts his mum about the note she tried to hide from him

Emma’s frantic. She can’t find the note she took from Wylie’s and hid in her pocket hoping that son Finn Barton would never lay eyes on it. But Finn has got it – and wants to know why a scrawled note saying ‘I don’t’ has his mum in such a spin. Will she tell him it was James’s note and spill the terrible truth about what went on between her and his dad just before he died?

Adam spots Sarah being given money by Pete and wants to know what’s going on. He’s thrown when she explains Pete’s been giving her money ever since she spotted him kissing Priya.

Cain and Harriet get back on track and agree they shouldn’t change who they are for anyone. Hurrah!