Finn gets angry when Amber tries to leave

Finn shows his true colours and erupts in fury when he sees Amber and Bella heading for the bus stop and realises they’re trying to leave the village. Nancy has to break them apart, giving Amber a  chance to jump into a taxi.

Later, outside the pub, Nancy and Robbie argue over his dad but, when Robbie leaves, Nancy is attacked. As Phoebe chases off the perpetrator, Nancy reveals they were about to rape her!

Meanwhile, Dodger tells Patrick that Nico has a brain tumour and Patrick promises Sienna that all his attention will be on her and Nico from now on. Later, on the boat, Maxine is horrified when she finds a single red rose – and a note with it written in what looks like blood…

Also, it’s the night of Darren fancy dress stag do.