Finn is wound up by Robbie’s taunts about John Paul, so when John Paul enters the classroom and is immediately covered in canteen slop, Finn looks on triumphantly.

Carmel gets her revenge by calling Sonny Valentine and telling him they have to get Kathleen-Angel away from Theresa. He’s unconvinced until Carmel tells him that Theresa killed his brother… Carmel introduces Sonny to his niece, Kathleen-Angel, but she’s worried about what he’ll do with the information she gave him yesterday.

Sinead asks Esther to be her maid of honour. Freddie raids Trevor’s flat for evidence and hits an unexpected jackpot when he finds a loved-up picture of Trevor and Grace on the bad-boy’s laptop and shows it to Fraser. Freddie has Tony’s cash from the Attwell robbery and gives it to Fraser. Fraser orders Trevor to offer Tony a loan (with his own money) so they can get in on his new business.

Ste is struggling to cope without Doug and he hits rock bottom again when he finds out Doug has left him his half of the deli. Unable to carry on without his husband, Ste decides he has to close the business. When Ste helps Tony with renovations to Attwell’s they find dry rot and know it’s going to be costly to sort out. Ste asks Fraser whether he’d stump up the cash as a loan.