Finn is dead chuffed with himself. His action figures are doing a roaring trade and his last-minute comic convention in the village hall looks set to be a success! But Finn’s big moment soon falls down around his ears when the police turn up and arrest him for handling stolen goods! Ross is furious with business partner Charity for involving his little brother in their dodgy dealings and warns her to get it sorted. Parents Emma and James are livid when they realise Ross is connected to his brother’s arrest.

The afterglow of having spent the night with Tracy dissolves abruptly when David learns Pollard has told her he has cancer. Furious, he wades in on Pollard while Tracy does her best to try to calm David down, warning him not to push his dad away at such a stressful time.

Lisa and Joanie work on Rishi, who eventually agrees to give Belle her job back at the factory. But Belle has to think fast when Lisa asks her to invite her boyfriend round to tea, unaware that Belle’s bloke is married man Dr Bailey!