Finn meets Kasim, the man he saved in the car smash

Is Finn's obsession with Kasim set to become a living, breathing thing in Emmerdale?

It’s a dream come true for Finn who’s blown away when Kasim comes looking for him. Having spent weeks at his beside when Kasim was in a coma, Finn has become strangely obsessed with the young man who he saved from the Emmerdale car smash. Will the guys get on?

The Dingles nightmare worsens as Belle tells her family she’ll be leaving for America sooner than thought as Bailey’s new job’s start date has changed. Desperate to stop Belle going, the family decide to throw her a ‘leaving’ do hoping it will make her want to stick around!

Elsewhere, Laurel learns Gabby’s been bunking off school, and Rhona plans to spice up her dwindling love life with Pierce…