Things seem to be going well for Finn and his new love interest Simon, but the only problem is he’s made his fella think he’s the rich and successful businessman Declan Macey! Finn decides it’s time to come clean –  how will Simon react to the news that Finn has been lying about his identity?

In an attempt to prove she’s a good cop gone bad, Donna has given Ross a list of stolen cars that he should avoid storing at the garage because the police are looking for them. Realising Donna’s not as squeaky clean as he thought, Ross agrees to help her shift the hoard of stolen jewellery, but it seems she’s already given up on the idea and thrown it in the bin! Will they be able to get it back before the rubbish collection lorry takes it away?

Megan believes she caused Charity to have a miscarriage, but has no idea her sister-in-law had a termination and then made it look like she had lost the baby when the two women got into an argument. Consumed with guilt, Megan decides to come clean to Declan and confess that she caused Charity’s miscarriage. How will her brother react?