English teacher Tom suffers at the hands of bad boy Finn when the student brings drugs into school and they’re used by a vengeful pupil who puts Tom and pregnant Art teacher Kim in danger…

And the boy out to get Tom is none other than his son, Josh. When Josh starts hallucinating in class, Tom realises he has taken drugs. Josh is humiliated by Tom’s reaction and sneaks some of the drugs into Tom’s lunch. But the schoolboy prank has life-threatening consequences when Tom has to rush Kim to hospital. Affected by the drugs, Tom crashes his car and the accident leaves his life hanging in the balance and Kim frantic about the future of her baby.

Back at school, Deputy Head Chris is out of his league as he tries to set up a sports partnership with a nearby posh school. Their Head Teacher, Camilla, sees Waterloo Road at its worst thanks to the after-effects of Finn’s drug-dabbling and isn’t happy that Chris tried to hide the school’s problems. Will Camilla be a good sport and play along with Chris’s plans?

Finn’s not the only one with drugs at school… Cookery teacher Ruby’s taking diazepam to help her cope with financial ruin. Is it a good idea for someone on drugs to be in charge of kids in a kitchen?