Finn’s tactic to ‘win back’ Kasim blows up in his face!

A bungled plan to try to make Kasim jealous ends in Finn driving his ex even further away

With Nathan on board acting as Finn’s date, the scene is set for Finn to try to make Kasim see what he’s missing. But the bungled plan unravels, pushing Kasim and smitten Finn even further apart, when Kasim learns Finn and Nathan’s romance is a sham. As Kasim drives off, Finn gives chase in his cab…

At the factory, the staff is stunned when Nicola rocks up claiming she needs a job. But wily Nicola soon reveals the truth behind her shock arrival at the Sharmas’.

Aaron’s fed up to the back teeth of wedding talk. So when Charity suggests the boys tie the knot in Vegas, the ease of it all instantly appeals. After putting the idea to Robert, the fiances decide they’ll flip a coin on it!

Elsewhere, Marlon plots to set up Chas and Paddy, and Laurel worries about the bills for Ashley’s care.