Becky is excited about the curtains she’s made for the Croppers and she approaches Hayley with the carefully wrapped gift. Becky apologises for her recent behaviour and tries to give Hayley the present, but an angry Hayley rebuffs her. Later, Lloyd spots smoke coming from the café, rushes inside and helps out a coughing Becky. A horrified Hayley accuses Becky of starting the fire out of spite, although Becky protests her innocence.

Jason is insistent that he’s not prepared to play happy families with Holly but Eileen is equally insistent that they’re keeping the baby – with or without his help. Eileen arranges a job share with Claire so that she can spend more time with Holly and announces that she’ll be taking over all Holly’s care.

Kirk warns Fiz that Chesney might be ready to go back to live with Cilla and Les and she realises that she needs to have a chat with her little brother. Fiz corners Chesney and puts her own emotions aside as she tells him that she’ll back his decision if he wants to return home. Fiz hides her upset when Chesney admits that he does.

Also, Steve and Michelle continue to taunt one another; Norris flirts with a confused Sally after wrongly assuming that she sent him the Valentine card!