Fire engulfs the school

Belle and Leah are trapped in the school hall, after Kane crashed his car into the building. As the flames spread throughout the rest of the hall, people are desperately trying to break open the front doors that a paranoid Melody locked from outside before the crash. Aden and Miles eventually manage to free Belle and Leah, but an explosion leaves Belle with burns on her back. Annie, unconsciousness and trapped in the car with Kane and Jai, comes round and drags Jai out. Charlie heroically rescues Kane just before the car explodes.

Martha is panicking about what’s happened to Jack, and heads into the fire, searching for him. The roof collapses. Angelo arrives, wracked with guilt over shooting Jack, and dives into the hall to save Martha. Is he trying to ease his conscience? Meanwhile, a badly injured Kane is rushed to hospital, where he’s treated for internal bleeding. When Kirsty learns he might not make it, she’s devastated. With Kirsty so distraught, Miles fears for their future together.

Tony tries to pacify Martha by looking for Jack. He finds his car, and then sees a figure on the ground in the distance. As he approaches, he’s horrified to realise that it’s Jack, and he’s dead.

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday February 3*

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