Fire rages at The Loft

Justin heads to The Loft but Calvin bumps into him and persuades him to look for Warren elsewhere. Ste finds Justin and tells him that Hannah has gone to The Loft to look for him. Meanwhile, Clare is getting anxious that Justin is a no show and when there’s a noise at the door she lashes out but realises that she’s knocked out Hannah and not Justin. Clare decides to hedge her bets and burn The Loft anyway and lights a match.

Hannah wakes and knocks her Clare her feet. The lighted match drops and The Loft goes up in flames. Justin learns that Hannah is in The Loft and fights his way through the flames to try to save her, ignoring Warren’s pleas to untie him. Calvin stops an inconsolable Sasha from trying to save Warren and they helplessly watch the club burn.

Kris comforts Nancy when she reveals all about her deteriorating relationship with Russ and his soothing words soon turn into kisses. Russ, meanwhile, has found out that The Loft is on fire and bursts in to warn Nancy that a fire is raging next door but he’s stunned to find her in bed with Kris and resolves make Max his priority.

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