Fire sweeps through Waterloo Road

It’s the last day of term at Waterloo Road and Rachel’s on top of the world. Meanwhile, Grantly is trying to stop Sheila Hanson from the exam board from telling her about the cheating. As Waterloo Road triumphs in a spelling bee, evil Hordley turns up and exposes Rachel’s past as a prostitute to the packed audience.

Rachel confesses and goes to pack her things, convinced she’s out. She then finds out about the cheating and suspends Grantly, leaving Tom in charge of the investigation – and he’s shocked to learn that one of the cheating pupils is Chlo. In the canteen, Hordley throws a cigarette end into a bin, starting a fire…

Tom is relieved when Donte emerges from the blaze with Chlo – but his joy is short-lived when Davina is brought out, unconscious. Rachel spots Hordley and tries to drag him out – but the roof collapses burying her and Hordley with it.

*Last in the series*