The Fires That Foretold Grenfell – BBC2

The story of five fires that came before the Grenfell disaster, told through the eyes of those directly involved and filmed over the course of 12 months

The Grenfell fire was a horrifying tragedy, but what’s more shocking is that it could have
been prevented.

This documentary tells the story of five similar fires and the subsequent warnings that should have stopped Grenfell, such as the Summerland disaster that happened on the Isle of Man in 1973, killing 50.

The Summerland Leisure Centre In Douglas on The Isle Of Man was destroyed by fire on 2 August 1973

There are also insightful interviews with survivors, firefighters and politicians about the decades of failures leading up to Grenfell, which included known issues with flammable cladding, 
a lack of sprinkler systems and the fire brigade’s ‘stay put’ policy.

The tragic conclusion is that Grenfell was a disaster waiting to happen and that 72 lives could have been saved.

Please note, this programme airs at 11.15pm in Scotland.

TV Times rating: *****