When it comes to flying, is it worth going top whack or bargain bucket? Sally Lindsay and Nigel Havers investigate in Channel 5’s new one-off, First Class vs Economy: Is it Worth It?

Coronation Street mates Nigel Havers and Sally Lindsay are the unlikely presenters of a documentary exploring the differences – for passengers and cabin crew – between first class and economy travel.

After completing their cabin-crew training, the duo board a transatlantic British Airways flight to Washington.

On the way, they’ll serve the food, share jokes and salacious stories with the crew, and compare the experience of different passengers.

First Class v Economy

Class act: Sally Lindsay and Nigel Havers explore different experiences of airline travel

Given that the closest many of us get to first class is passing through on the way to the cheap seats, this one-off doc offers a rare chance to see how the other half fly…

TV Times rating: ****