Jay and Dexter are excited about their holiday with Abi and Lola, and they’re taking a car Phil is selling to drop off with a buyer. Although Peter invites himself along, Cindy is annoyed when her attempt to join them is turned down. Setting off for the caravan site, Peter admits to his friends that he’s glad Cindy didn’t come along.

The car gets stuck in the mud after the teens get lost. Lola is horrified when Jay tries to free the car and, standing behind it, she gets covered in mud! Peter gallantly strips off his t-shirt so Lola can use it. After arriving at the campsite, they discover that Cindy has stowed away in the boot. Meanwhile, Abi’s in a strange mood. When Jay confronts her he’s stunned as she reveals she might be pregnant…

Jean is touched when Ollie gives her some of his allotment-grown strawberries. Alfie is concerned that Jean still hasn’t told Ollie she’s bipolar and encourages her to confess. Agreeing to tell Ollie the truth, Jean backs out at the last minute. Jean defiantly tells Alfie she’s not sure when she’ll Ollie – if at all.

Also, Billy has his eye on glamorous B&B customer Tara.