A panicking Fiz and Anna phone round Roy’s relatives but nobody has heard from him. Her fears mounting, Fiz insists they phone the police. Anna reluctantly agrees but as Fiz tells the police that Roy is feeling guilty over his wife’s death, Anna worries she could she be opening up a new can of worms.

Deirdre disapproves when Tracy invites Rob to join her and Amy for tea. Amy’s totally enamoured with Rob and it’s enough for Tracy to decide they should get their relationship back on track. Meanwhile, it’s Tina’s leaving do at that Rovers, but Peter doesn’t turn up and Tina’s disappointed.

Rita feels left out when Dennis, Ritchie and Gloria hold a business meeting. They later row after Dennis mentions Gloria being 10 years younger than her. An upset Rita tells Tina that she’s worried Dennis is going to leave her.

Also, Jason’s quietly annoyed when his dad gives Eva a designer scarf for her birthday; Marcus gives Todd his mobile number; and Steve and Andrea agree to be friends again.