Fiz and John are the talk of the prison

Anna congratulates Fiz on her forthcoming wedding and says Gary told her all about it. Fiz is shocked to discover that she and John are the talk of the prison. Needing someone to talk to Fiz confides in Natasha about her plans. Natasha is sympathetic and offers to do her hair as a gift.

Ashley and Claire continue to row over the holiday and the backyard. Ashley’s adamant they can’t afford either so he’s furious when Claire buys new trainers for Joshua. Feeling angry he decides to join Lloyd and Peter on a lads’ night in the Rovers. Furious that Ashley has shirked his babysitting duties Claire storms over to the Rovers and tells him to find somewhere else to spend the night.

Jack’s fretting about Scarlet his pigeon as she’s missing again. He wants to check that she’s not flown to Connie’s house, but Connie’s dismissive and doesn’t seem keen to have Jack round at the house.

Also, Sophie accuses Ben of fancying Rosie which results in Ben finishing with her; Norris complains to Rita about his bunion; Ramsay drops off some special shoes for Norris to ease his bunion and asks Rita to pretend they’re from her.

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